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Welcome to the number one health service provider especially when it comes to reproductive health. We have had a great impact in the community at the present times due to the nature of the services that we have been providing over time, this has been made possible by the great expertise that our doctors have been demonstrating and we promise to keep the pace burning and only provide even better services in the future.


What we do

This is the only health facility where you can find total confidence that matters such as menopause health related issues will be addressed with the appropriate measures owing to our experience in the field as well as due to the modern equipment in our labs that will give more accurate results on the symptoms of menopause and within the right time so that treatment can begin as soon as possible.

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Quality reproductive health services

  • We strive to bring only the best to our patients and this is the reason why we strive to offer the best quality services that are affordable. We keep ourselves appraised with the technologies so that we are up to the task when it comes to any emerging trends and thus when we combine this with what we have from the experience we have gained, we are able to give just the right remedy you as a patient would need.
  • This is further enhanced by our state of the art labs as well as the qualified and experienced medical and support staff who will make your experience at our facility one of a kind.
  • At the same time, quality of our services is guaranteed by the fact that we are authorized and as a matter of fact, we can take pride to recognize the fact that we also act as a referral facility.
  • This is because over time we have proven that our system of medication works and this is a reason why we would like you also to come to our facility and enjoy services that you are yet to experience and all this is near your and better still it’s at a price that you can afford.
Menopause services offered

One of the areas of interest here is treatment of the conditions that come together with menopause. To the present day, majority of the people are found in a fix when they get to menopause as they hardly understand what is menopause. At our facilities, we help our patients better understand the condition as well as keep them informed on what can possibly arise or come along as a result or during this condition. This is intended in making them feel more comfortable when seeking medical services as well as be sensitive and acknowledge when the condition catches up with them. At the facility, we offer the full range of services that are associated with menopause and we do all this with a sense of care as well as professionalism to ensure we keep all our patients happy and with something to look forward to. This has resulted to great confidence with the facility and we are committed to go all the way to the top so that we can be in a position to offer even more specialized services for the ultimate benefit of our patients. It’s our hope and trust that we will be there soon.

Menopause remedies that we offer
signs of menopause
  • We have the best combination of treatment and therapies that we are sure will bring menopause relief to the conditions that will appear during or at around the time you will be approaching menopause. Conditions such as hot flashes after menopause or what is generally referred to as post menopause and as a matter of fact it is one of the most dominant post menopause symptom. The condition has remedies that will lower the effects felt as it is very uncomfortable due to the sensation it brings. We have the best treatment for it and at the same time we will keep you updated on much more for the wellbeing of your health since it’s our major priority and we intend to always keep it that way.
  • With the remedies we offer in the effort to reduce the complications that may arise pre menopause as well as after menopause, you can rest assured that whatever the condition will be, we will be in a better position to not only offer advice on the possible progress but at the same time we will be able to solve the complexity at hand before there are any more complications or even pains. We are simply the best.